Peoria Public Schools - Dist. 150

Examples of Services Provided:

Facility Relocation Planning
Space Utilization Analysis
Diagnostic Learning Center Planning

Emergency Repairs - Fire & Water Damage
Roof Replacements w/ Energy Upgrades
Masonry Restoration
Exterior Insulation Finish System Survey & Replacement

Door and Hardware Replacement and Upgrades
Access Control and Monitoring Systems
Skylight & Window Repair/Replacements

Flooring, Wall, Ceiling, Finishes Restoration/Replacement

Mechanical System Maintenance/Upgrades
Air Conditioning Systems
Geo-Thermal Hydronic Mechanical System Upgrades

Power System and Distribution Upgrades
Electronic Lighting (LED) Upgrades/Replacement
Ornamental and Utilitarian Lighting Upgrades

Site Planning for Accessibility, Parking, and Play Roadway, Playground, Fencing and Parking Lot Improvements

Grant Application and Processing Assistance

Life Safety Surveys and Amendment Processing (I.W.A.S.)

Handicapped Accessibility Studies & Design