Universalist Unitarian Church

The Church Long-Range Planning Committee examined several design options including potential for expansion of their present building on Hamilton Boulevard, or relocation to an available existing building, while also considering several undeveloped parcels within the downtown and nearby areas of the City.

The site ultimately selected by the congregation features a park-like setting along a major ravine south of Richwoods Boulevard.

This site provides a beautiful setting for environmental concerns and stewardship of this church’s membership.

The preferred style of the new building by vote of the congregation reflects the traditions of Arts and Crafts and of the Prairie Style.

The expressed need for continuity and acknowledgement of the history of this church group was accomplished by the incorporation of several key features salvaged from the former building, such as stained glass windows, curved pews, and organ, all of which were extensively renovated for reuse at the new building.

The building plan focuses on three main elements of the design program: Sanctuary; Fellowship; and, Education.